Africa Franchise Institute operates high standard training programmes towards educating and certifying executives of franchise brands and entrepreneurs seeking expansion; prospective franchise investors; and service suppliers to franchise brands & expanding businesses. Designed by Africa Franchise Institute with the support of International Franchise Association (IFA); Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of the Pan-Atlantic University; and Fate Foundation, Participants of AFI Programmes are awarded a foreign certification by International Franchise Association (IFA) for fulfilling IFA online programmes, and an Africa Franchise Institute Certification for fulfilling in-class programmes at Enterprise Development Centre of the Pan Atlantic University or Fate Foundation.


To set and preserve standards for franchises and expanding business through professional training and implementation support.


To become Africa’s training and development support center for business replication and expansion through franchising


  • Operate and maintain a resource center for business expansion system development, standardization, and global replication, including franchising, franchising models, suitable financing models, applicable standard agreements and templates on franchising amongst other resources.
  • Determining and reviewing from time to time, the academic standards, business knowledge and skills that shall be attained by persons seeking to qualify as a franchise practitioner.
  • Encourage, increase, facilitate and promote the education and training of its members.
  • Provide the training, education and examination of franchisors and franchisees seeking to sell or operate franchise businesses in Nigeria.
  • Maintenance of a register of alumni members (local or foreign) operating in Nigeria and maintain industry insights and updates to all members.
  • Contribute to extensive awareness, education and sensitization of various stakeholders involved in the Franchise Industry in Nigeria including but not limited to regulatory bodies relating to Franchising.
  • Review and update the professional and operating standards of its alumni members from time to time.
  • Facilitate and participate in the formulation of policies guiding the practice of franchising and other business expansion principles in Nigeria and keep abreast of new developments and global trends.
  • Arrange seminars, symposia, conferences, workshops and meetings for review of qualification standard for industry actors. Further to deliver lectures, publish abridged papers, books, records and other memorabilia for instilling high standards of professional ability and knowledge.