Certified Professional Programme

Designed by Africa Franchise Institute with the support of International Franchise Association (IFA) and Enterprise Development Centre (EDC), of The Pan-Atlantic University; The Certified Professional Program is for support and service suppliers to franchises and expanding businesses. The program is designed with the goal to improve career opportunities for such professionals with training and certification as sought-after subject matter experts, and to enable them build capacity to develop and implement services for franchises and multi-location businesses.

The CPP training comprises classroom and online training sessions, hands-on mentorship, and practical exposure to best practices through tour sessions with best performing franchise and multi-outlet brands in Nigeria. Further, access to reports on franchising trends in Nigeria, benchmarked with 5 other leading countries in the sector are given to the participants. The programmes are facilitated by leading faculties from Nigeria and other countries using best in class learning tools and technology to deliver the learning process.

Why You Should Participate in Our CPP Programme

  • 2 certifications, 2 reputable foreign and Nigerian institutes.
  • Gain mastery in selling and delivering professional services.
  • Identifying ample service opportunities for Franchises sector.
  • Expertise and mastery of the Franchise business model.
  • Franchise and expansion project management expertise.
  • Understand IP laws & franchise Industry regulation.
  • Networking opportunities & mentorship support.

Who should attend?

Service suppliers to franchisees and expanding businesses, Franchise proposition desk managers, Operation head, Brand training manager, IP Law experts, Intervention support providers, Marketers, Human resource managers, Logistics managers, Business consultants, Franchise brokers, Technology service providers, Franchise industry regulators

Programme Structure

The course is taught by a faculty which is a combination of Enterprise Development Center (EDC) course facilitators, Africa franchise experts and International experts. It is delivered through a combination of classroom, online, hands-on mentorship, and a practical exposure to business and franchise operations, through a participatory conference, workshop sessions of a Franchise Expo and a learning tour visit to a successful franchise brand. Certificates are award by an International Franchise Institute in partnership with the African Franchise Institute and Enterprise Development Center.

Course Module 1

Introduction to Franchising and Other Multi Outlet Business Models
Quick Assessment

Course Module 2

Professional Career Growth in Business Expansion and Franchise Support Services

Course Module 3

Specializing in Franchising and Related Business Models

Course Module 4

Intellectual Property Laws, Contracts, And Franchise Regulation

Course Module 5

Scoping and Converting Challenges to Service Opportunity

Course Module 6

Customer Service

Course Module 7

Selling Skills

Course Module 8

Interpersonal Skills

Course Module 9

Business Expansion Project Management

Course Module 10

Business Ethics & Governance

Course Module 11

Financial Records
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AFI courses are certified by the Enterprise Development Center of the Pan-African University and other reputable International Franchise Certificate institutions.
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— October 2020

  • Registration has commenced Enjoy early bird discounts.

— 30th June 2020

  • Registration is closed

— 2nd July 2020

  • Programme has commenced Participants are advised to use their student portal.

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Enrolled: 21 students
Duration: 2 Months
Modules: 11
Level: Advanced


Certified Professional Programme