Zuberu Kadiri


Zuberu Kadiri is a business engineer par excellence with over a decade worth of industry experience working to build and support start-ups/SMES across Nigeria/Africa. His robust expertise in Business Error Avoidance & Minimization Systems (B.E.A.M.S.) has allowed him help many start-up/SMEs as well as local/international business support agencies in conceptualizing and designing BUSINESS MODELS, PROCESS TEMPLATES & PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS that have been proven to produce outstanding results within 90 days; thus transforming these businesses into successful trans-generational business entities with local and international footprints.

He is very passionate about helping entrepreneurs LEARN to ask the right questions about their business challenges in a bid to diagnose the true influences that are behind their business struggles whilst seeking to optimize their business productivity & profitability.

He is the proprietary designer of ‘The D.E.S.T.I.N.Y. Code” Business Audit toolkit; an idea, product & business development road-map compass designed to systematically guide intending and existing business owners into ensuring that they present a fail-proof business entity characterized by profitability and sustainable growth. The 7-Part Module business intervention toolkit covers all the key aspects of a product life-cycle from FORM – FUNCTION and provides a sense of direction for the growth and expansion of the business.